You are creators, lovingbeings, passionatebeings. Everything that surrounds you is part of your production and is there for your ultimate good and that of those closest to you. You can be who you truly want to be and offer your most precious gift to the world: YOU.   Shirley Joy

Write your name in the headlines: YOU, on the main program 

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    I invite you to come home. Welcome back home! To find your essence, your purpose. I’ll help you achieve your goals, make your decisions based on your values and using your unique talents and this in the highest regard. Shirley Joy



    First inspired by my mother Julienne who were living and breathing with the laws of the ‘Secret’ 30 years before the book came out and nourished by extensive reading on personal growth literature, I want to share with you my life experience and thus assist you in the realisation of your movie so you can live your life fully and create the most beautiful scenario in which you play your biggest role, YOU.



    Co-author of best-seller The Soul of Success, Volume 2, Shirley Richard has always been motivated by the desire to excel and go further. Her numerous readings on personal growth push her to listen to her intuition and realize her dreams.

    Shirley holds a degree in Administration with Honors in Marketing from Bishop’s University.

  • About Cré / Action

    • Shirley Shirley is an accreditated ICFcoach .
    • Shirley founded her own company “Cre / Action” that provides personalized coaching services.